Air Allergen & Mold Testing Founder and member of Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition of the state department, Richard Johnson, calls out concerns on why tenants can’t have breathable air due to persisting mold issues. An article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) regarding the lack of assistance for tenants appalled by mold issues prompted several authorities to voice their concerns, including Richard Johnson.

Based on the article by AJC, many tenants in Atlanta metro and Georgia area have no safety nets when they find mold in their homes. It turns out that the state and local governments have no authority to address the problems with molds in rental properties in Georgia and Atlanta metro. Having no one to rely on, these families are at risk of infections, breathing problems, headaches, and several other health problems.

The local and state governments don’t have the legal authority or the fund to test these rental properties, neither do they have the power to make the quality of indoor air breathable. Seeing the problems that come with mold issues, it is critical to ensure they have breathable air and while there are other ways to fix the issue, landlords often don’t bother because it is cheaper for them not to repair the mold issues.

What must be done is to make mold testing and remediation more affordable, along with better protection for families inhabiting houses with mold issues. While the protection from local and state governments is still a long way to go, Atlanta has reliable and affordable air quality and mold testing companies where landlords can turn to, such as Air Allergen & Mold Testing, a trusted, reliable, and experienced indoor air quality and mold testing company in Atlanta metro.

The company’s indoor air quality and mold testing services are available in an extensive service area, providing inspections and remediation to thousands of clients in and out of the state. Recently, the company expanded its service areas as it is now serving Tampa, offering homeowners, businesses, public agencies, and organizations with expert but affordable mold inspection and testing to ensure the safe quality of their indoor air.

Air Allergen, being one of the most experienced mold testing companies in Atlanta, is in a unique position to help the families staying at rental properties plagued with mold issues. They can help landlords to understand the importance of indoor environment and compare them with others. Additionally, they can let them know the significance of the findings of the mold testing, and what they can do with the information.

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy environment, especially their homes and including rental properties. It must not be the way things are to let rental properties and the families inhabiting to sit with mold issues threatening their life. Together with improved protection to tenants, providing landlords with access to affordable and reliable mold testing is a great help. Air Allergen supports this by offering reasonably priced mold testing throughout Atlanta metro.

About Air Allergen & Mold Testing:

Air Allergen & Mold Testing is a company of experts on air quality, mold, and asbestos testing. Founded by Richard Johnson in 2003, the company has been helping people to make informed choices concerning their homes’ indoor air quality. The company provides inspections and remediation to homeowners, organizations, public agencies, and businesses throughout Atlanta.

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