Asbestos Inspections in Georgia

Asbestos is a group of minerals that have high resistance to heat, fire, and electricity. And for its properties, it has been used for different commercial and industrial settings and products. With the years and after discovering the health effects it can cause, asbestos has been diminished, however, there are still many buildings or homes in Georgia that contain this type of minerals. Asbestos is hazardous, and asbestos exposure can cause many health problems.


Since the late 1970s, asbestos usage has been regulated but never completely banned, especially from flooring materials. There are also still many materials from overseas that might even contain regulated quantities of asbestos. In many states, including Georgia, before remodeling or demolishing a building, it is mandatory to perform asbestos testing. 


At Allergen & Mold Testing, we can help you identify if there are unsafe materials with asbestos. Our inspectors have years of experience and are trained to know which are the materials that most likely contain asbestos and can gather samples safely.


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What is included in an Asbestos Inspection?

  • Investigation of previous inspections, plans, material specifications, etc.
  • Physical inspection of the building
  • Detection of materials that might contain asbestos
  • The state determines sample collection, the number of samples and federal regulation based on the purpose of the asbestos inspection, as well as the type and quantity of each material found
  • The collected samples are taken to a commercial laboratory
  • Assessment of the percentage of asbestos content found


Any materials identified as containing asbestos must then be disposed of in a specialized manner. Asbestos abatement companies can help ensure proper disposal of those materials. If the asbestos materials are not disposed of first, you might incur a more considerable expense as you would be obligated to treat every other material as if it contains asbestos.


At Air Allergen & Mold Testing, we provide asbestos testing and monitoring services in Georgia for contractors, demolition services, industrial, commercial, government, and residential clients. We are one of the most trusted companies in the State, and we make sure to resubmit to the lab any sample suitable for point count analysis at no additional cost and reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary abatement costs.


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