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Mold Inspection And Testing Oldsmar


Oldsmar is one of the most humid cities in Florida, with an average of 7.5 months (from April to November), meaning high humidity levels where the days can feel muggy and oppressive. The high humidity levels create the perfect scenario for mold to grow and develop.

If you have started to feel a strong earthy smell at your home, there might be mold even if you cannot see it. Mold can pollute the air and affect the indoor air quality you and your beloved ones are breathing.

Air Allergen & Mold Testing offers mold inspection and testing services in Oldsmar. We’ve been doing it for years and can detect mold from the most challenging places to reach.


Why Mold Can Be Dangerous?

There are many types of mold, but all of them can cause health problems when being exposed to or swallowed. Being in contact with mold can create a strong allergic reaction, asthma attacks, or lung damage, especially when having kids or if you’re prone to allergies. 

Mold is also dangerous because of how fast it can spread and how difficult it can be sometimes to detect. Not all companies are equipped or have the experience to inspect and test for mold in Oldsmar.

At Air Allergen & Mold Testing, we have been offering our services for over seventeen years, inspecting commercial and residential buildings or homes. Our team of inspectors is experienced and familiarized with the usual places where hidden mold can be found, such as under the roof or between walls, and we have a modern lab and scientists that analyze the samples our inspectors take.

Ensure A Safe Environment

By knowing exactly what type of mold is present at your home or building, remediation is easier. We give a detailed report with all the information you and the remediation company needs to know about how to treat the mold, or any other pollutant found.

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Why Choose Air Allergen?

Your Health

There are many studies linking ingredients in the air we breathe to the onset of chronic diseases. We spend ninety percent of our time indoors. Poor Indoor Air Quality has been linked to coughs, headaches, dizziness, Asthma, COPD, allergic reactions, sinus problems, depression, loss of energy, skin eruptions, itchy eyes, and many other diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Expert Inspectors

We’re happy to provide our customers in the Oldsmar area with complete mold inspection and testing services. Our client’s interests are our primary concern when conducting any services. We pride ourselves on this fact and it is our goal to be the most trusted inspection company in Oldsmar. If you ‘d like to schedule an appointment with one of our certified mold inspectors give us a call.

Our Laboratory

A thorough report laying out any necessary protocols for mold removal, this helps ensure that no unnecessary work is performed by a remediation company, thus helping you save money. Industry leading customer service and knowledge, one of our staff will always be available to answer any and all of your questions.

About Air Allergen & Mold Testing

Richard Johnson founded Air Allergen in 2003, Air Allergen and Mold Testing has pursued its commitment to helping people make informed choices regarding their indoor air quality. During that time, Air Allergen has provided inspections and remediation information to thousands of homeowners, businesses, organizations, and public agencies throughout the entire Southeast. Our website is sprinkled with testimonials from our customers. We are grateful for our many customers and look forward to serving many more in the coming years.


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More About Oldsmar

Oldsmar is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 13,591.[5] The Oldsmar name dates to April 12, 1916 when automobile pioneer Ransom E. Olds purchased 37,541 acres (151.92 km2) of land by the northern part of Tampa Bay to establish “R. E. Olds-on-the-Bay”. The name was later changed to Oldsmar, then to “Tampa Shores” in 1927, and finally back to Oldsmar in 1937. Ransom Olds named some of the original streets himself, such as Gim Gong Road for Lue Gim Gong.[6]

Oldsmar includes several parks along Tampa Bay, historic bungalows, a downtown, and a commercial area along West Hillsborough Avenue. The historical society operates a museum in Oldsmar, and the city erected a new library in 2008.


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