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Your Health

There are many studies associating elements in the air we breathe to the onset of chronic diseases. We spend ninety percent of our time indoors. Poor Indoor Air Quality has been linked to coughs, headaches, dizziness, Asthma, COPD, allergic reactions, sinus problems, depression, loss of energy, skin eruptions, itchy eyes, and many other diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Expert Inspectors

We’re pleased to offer our customers in the Acworth area with thorough mold inspection and testing services. Our client’s interests are our main concern when conducting any services. We pride ourselves on this fact and it is our goal to be the most trusted inspection company in Acworth. If you ‘d like to book an appointment with one of our certified mold inspectors give us a call.

Our Laboratory

A complete report mapping out any necessary protocols for mold removal, this helps make sure that no unnecessary work is carried out by a remediation company, thus helping you save money. Industry leading customer service and knowledge, one of our staff will always be available to answer any and all of your questions.

About Air Allergen & Mold Testing

Richard Johnson founded Air Allergen in 2003, Air Allergen and Mold Testing has pursued its commitment to helping people make informed choices regarding their indoor air quality. During that time, Air Allergen has provided inspections and remediation information to thousands of homeowners, businesses, organizations, and public agencies throughout the entire Southeast. Our website is sprinkled with testimonials from our customers. We are grateful for our many customers and look forward to serving many more in the coming years.


Mold Inspection and Testing in Acworth

Acworth is definitely one of the best places to live, with nice weather, many restaurants, and parks; however, it’s not safe from mold. Mold can grow and pollute the indoor air, especially during the coldest months when there is less fresh air from the outside in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

Even though most of the time mold can be visible and you can tell by the smell if it’s present in your environment, other times it’s more difficult to find or detect, as it also grows in unseeing places, like between the walls and under the roof. Whatever dark and humid areas are perfect for mold growth. If you are in any in the following situations, with no doubt you should get a mold inspection and testing done:

  1. Visible Growth Mold
  2. Strange Smell and Health Complications
  3. Recent Water Damage
  4. Real Estate Transaction

Mold can be very dangerous and through an inspection and testing, you can get detailed information upon the type of mold you have, discard it’s not toxic mold, also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum, one of the most dangerous types of mold. And get the right protocols on how to remove it. 

We have been providing mold inspection and testing services in Acworth for many years, with experts in the field and a modern lab that can allow us to give you a detailed report with the finding.

All Our Reports Include:

  1. Guidelines to interpret the lab analysis for each type of sample
  2. A summary chart of whether each sample results are within or outside of the guidelines
  3. The significance of the sample results
  4. The inspector’s observations about each area sampled
  5. Suggestions to improve the inspected areas if needed
  6. Guidance about maintaining future indoor air quality and reduce future mold growth
  7. Concluding remarks and cautions
  8. Information about how the mold sample guidelines were established
  9. Remediation guidance and suggestions when remediation is considered
  10. Studies in support of good indoor air quality
  11. Each report includes one or more microphotographs of what was found in the samples

The report will also help know what actions to take depending on the type of mold found. Take care of your health and discover how to eliminate your mold problem from the root.

More About Acworth

Acworth is a city in Cobb County Georgia, United States. It is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The 2016 estimate for Acworth’s population is 28,502. As of the 2010 census, this city had a population of 20,425,[2] up from 13,422 in 2000. Acworth is located in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains along the southeastern banks of Lake Acworth and Lake Allatoona on the Etowah River. Unincorporated areas known as Acworth extend into Bartow, Cherokee and Paulding counties respectively.

Acworth’s nickname is “The Lake City”.[3] Acworth Beach is located on nearby Lake Allatoona and Lake Acworth.