Spore Trap

Spore Trap

We analyze a variety of spore traps including Zefon AOC, Allergenco, Burkard, Cyclex , Micro 5 and VersaTrap. If the type of spore trap that you use is not on this list, please call us at
844-263-6103 or 770-938-4861 and ask us if we can analyze your sample type.

Spore trap samples are analyzed with a compound light and phase microscope. Counts are derived by viewing 30% of the trace containing the spores and particles at 600X. The trace is then viewed 100% at 300X to identify any spores that occur in small amounts that were not viewed at the higher magnification.

In addition to the customary identification of mold spore types and quantity, our spore trap reports separate mold spore types into relevant groups and features a photograph of what is found on the spore trap trace together with particulate identification and count.

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Zefon Air-O-Cell
Micro 5

Phone and On-Line Consultation
We are available to you for phone or on-line consultation at no additional cost, to assist you when solutions for the mold analysis findings are not apparent. You may reach both our remediation specialists and lab microbiologist at 844-263-6103 or 770-938-4861.

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