Insurance Adjusters

Insurance Adjusters

Air Allergen & Mold Testing has spent the last ten years taking thousands of samples in homes and businesses, writing remediation plans, and studying both the best and worst industry practices. Our staff includes a Microbiologist, Chemist, and Industrial Engineer. Two of our people have over fifty years of combined experience in real estate and construction.

We have found that knowledge within the industry about mold and mold remediation is murky and highly fragmented. Methods, products and procedures are still being rationalized. When dealing with a large number of properties, the use of a variety of contractors and methods to test and remediate the property increases the odds of an unsatisfactory outcome.

We have seen what works and have tested a number of products making claims that do not hold up under real world conditions. We use this information to guide our inspections and sampling protocols to determine the scope of the problem related to an insured event. Our reports are easy to read and provide step by step guidance using field proven and cost effective methods for remediating mold related issues.

When the work is done, Air Allergen & Mold Testing can inspect the work and take clearance samples to document that the work was completed properly. When properties are tested and remediated in a consistent manner, the outcomes are more certain and the overall costs are better controlled.

Whether working for you on a current project, or for general information, Air Allergen can be an information resource to help you make informed decisions about mold related issues. For immediate assistance, you can reach Air Allergen by phone, Facebook, email, or fax. We can set inspections within one day of your call and have results by the day following the inspection.