Owners Occupants

The three most common reasons that owner/occupants contact Air Allergen and Mold Testing are concerns about heath, odors or visible mold, and leaks or other water events.Ultimately, nearly all clients have a health component implied in their concerns. Health symptoms that can result from exposure to elevated spore counts include headaches, coughs, asthma, allergies, sore throat, sinus problems, runny nose, depression, irritability, loss of energy, bloodshot eyes, and poor appetite. Although most symptoms will diminish after excess exposure is eliminated, the toxins associated with some spores can create more severe and longer lasting problems.

Our findings indicate that in the Atlanta area, humidity alone is sufficient to enable mold growth, and excess mold growth is common unless methods to mitigate mold growth are in place. Leaks or other water events often result in accelerated activity, even when repaired quickly. Leaks that occur undetected for extended periods, such as roof leaks or minor leaks into the foundation, are almost certain to cause problematic mold growth.

Controlling mold growth should be considered as a normal maintenance requirement, rather than the mystical fear often associated with discussions about mold. Some of the available information about mold is true, some is half-true and some is unwise complacency, magical thinking, or unwarranted hysteria. This makes it difficult for those interested in maintaining a healthy environment to sort through issues and methodologies to avoid problems and optimize results.

Air Allergen can help you sift through the relevant information to better determine what information applies to your situation. If our inspection or sampling indicates a problem, we can provide step by step guidance to bring your spore counts down to more acceptable levels.

Unlike some companies, Air Allergen does not do remediation, allowing us to better focus on your needs, not a need to find work to perform. Most often, the homeowner is able to implement the recommendations themselves. If the scope of work exceeds what the homeowner feels comfortable doing, Air Allergen can provide a list of contractors who have demonstrated the ability to handle remediation work successfully and who are known to stand behind their work.