Air Allergen and Mold Testing, Inc. has been helping remediation contractors satisfy their client’s needs for a number of years. During this time, we have identified best practices as well as what is not likely to work. We freely share this information with remediators to help them achieve satisfactory results.

Our reports are easy to read and provide step by step guidance using field proven and cost effective products and remediation methodologies, such as containment and proper use of negative air pressure. Improper management of negative air, in particular, is a major cause of why properties fail clearance tests after work is performed.

There are a variety treatments and products on the markets, and we have tested a number of products in our lab. Some products have statements designed to say one thing but imply something else, such as “if used as directed”, “lab results confirm”, or “guaranteed for x number of years”. Some products have unintended consequences, such as facilitating future mold growth or harming the occupants.

Air Allergen recognizes how much easier it would be if only the best practices were instituted consistently across remediation projects. Doing so would maximize the value the work being performed and minimize the expense and odds of having a current or future problem. If a problem occurs, everyone would be familiar with the process, products, and interpretation of the information available, significantly reducing the cost and time to investigate and resolve the issue.

Because of the number of remediators we work with, Air Allergen is in a unique position to help rationalize the industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. We are pleased to offer this capability to you and look forward to hearing from you if we can be of service supporting your success.