Air Allergen & Mold Testing, Inc. is among the most trusted and experienced indoor air quality testing companies in Atlanta. They offer remediation information and mold testing to homeowners, organizations, public agencies and businesses.

The quality of indoor air can have a major impact on one’s health. Poor air quality can be caused by various factors such as pet dander, mold and VOCs. Occupants may experience anything from minor throat and eye irritation to respiratory infections and more serious illnesses. Those with allergy problems and asthma, senior citizens and children are in greater danger as their immune system is not strong. In order to keep the air inside the home clean and healthy, it’s important to get it tested from time to time. Indoor air testing can determine whether or not the air in the home is safe and clean.

Air Allergen starts indoor air quality inspections with a phone discussion where they ask customers about their concerns, including details about the property, health symptoms and events such as excess dust and visible mold. An appointment is often scheduled on the same day of inquiry. Air Allergen can use water, surface, air or dust samples to determine what level of chemicals, mold, bacteria or allergens are present and what can be done about it. Air Allergen provides a Standard Inspection Report that includes information about what’s identified in the lab analysis for the samples and the quantity, the implication of the sample results, the observations of the inspector for each sampled area as well as charts and guidelines to interpret lab analysis for every sample. The report also includes microphotographs of what’s found in the samples, suggestions to improve the examined areas, guidance for maintaining indoor air quality, safety precautions and remediation guidance if remediation is needed, studies supporting good indoor air quality and cautions and concluding remarks.

Air Allergen also provides an Express Report that includes only the comparison chart, generic information and sample analysis. This is a low cost option for those who need only surface sample results without the inspector’s phone support or observations. The report is computer produced at the time the samples are assessed and sent directly from the laboratory, reducing the turnaround time. The Express Report is also ideal for buyers who need air sample fast without a full inspection or for remediators who need post remediation sampling. If needed, the report can be updated to include the inspector’s suggestions, phone support and observations.

Air Allergen also provides asbestos testing. Too much exposure to asbestos is dangerous and may cause various diseases like lung cancer. Asbestos testing is important to ensure that the place is safe. Air Allergen’s asbestos testing service areas.

Those who suspect mold growth in their homes can call Air Allergen to conduct mold testing for them. Working or living in a mold infected environment can have various health consequences like respiratory tract infections, asthma, fungal infections, skin problems and allergies. A trained specialist conducts the inspection and recommends the right solution to the problem. Air Allergen’s mold testing service areas.

About Air Allergen and Mold Testing

Air Allergen and Mold Testing is an experienced indoor air quality testing companies that services homeowners and businesses throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Carolinas and Tampa Florida. They have been providing indoor air quality testing as well as remediation information since 2003. Air Allergen and Mold Testing aims to help customers maintain the quality of air inside their home or business through their services.

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