Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a group of minerals that have high resistance to electrical energy, heat, and fire. For its resistance abilities for years it has been used in many construction materials. With the years it was discovered how harmful it can be for our health, provoking numerous illnesses, being one of the most serious, Mesothelioma which is a type of cancer.

Even though in the late 1970s asbestos usage was regulated, there are still materials that contain this type of mineral. This is why in the State of Georgia when destroying a building or renovating, asbestos testing is mandatory.

At Air Allergen & Mold Testing, we can aid you to identify if there are hazardous materials containing asbestos. We have many years of experience in asbestos testing, and our inspectors are trained to easily identify materials prone to contain asbestos even before performing the testing, which allows them to collect samples securely. 


How Asbestos Testing Work

Our inspectors will walk through your home, gathering different kinds of samples, depending on the purpose of the evaluation we follow too different guidelines that are established by the state.

The samples we gather are then taken to an industrial laboratory, where the percentage of asbestos material is located. Any materials identified including asbestos have to be disposed of in a customized manner. Even though we do not offer such services, as part of the inspection and asbestos testing, we deliver a full report with the findings.

The report contains useful and detailed information and guidelines on how to get rid of the asbestos-containing materials, the percentage found, the location, and more information for the asbestos removal company.

We Offer Asbestos Testing For:

  • Homeowners that want to make sure they are safe from asbestos exposure
  • Houses or commercial building that need to be remodeled or demolished
  • Contractors that want to make sure their workers are not at risk
  • When needing to compile with federal government procedures


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