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An ever expanding community where evidence based awareness of indoor air quality is routinely embraced as part of everyone’s healthcare.
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Providing evidence based information to help people make informed decisions about their indoor air quality through inspection, education, and sample analysis.
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Professional Mold Testing
Air Allergen and Mold Testing has inspected, sampled, and written remediation recommendations for thousands of homes and businesses in the Southeast United States over the past ten years. The samples have included particulates, bacteria, VOCs, a variety of chemicals and various other gasses

Air Allergen’s specialty is mold analysis and health related remediation recommendations. Mold has long been implicated as a cause of a variety of health effects in humans, including allergic reactions, asthma, runny nose, headaches, depression, skin eruptions, bloodshot eyes, lack of energy, poor appetite and even brain and other organ damage. The earliest known writings that discuss mold infestation are found in the Old Testament.

Modern science has made huge strides in understanding the links between mold spores and illness. Some of this understanding has come as a result of studies conducted by the lab director of Air Allergen and Mold Testing. By following the guidance provided by Air Allergen, thousands of customers have experienced relief from allergy and other health related symptoms related to mold and other allergens.

Air Allergen and Mold Testing is organized around three functions:

• The first is to do inspections, take samples, and provide information to improve the indoor air quality.

• The second function is to analyze samples and provide information about mold, pollen, fibrous particulate, insect fragments and other background materials for our inspectors and other inspectors throughout the country.

• The third function is to provide home test kits and analysis to help homeowners everywhere improve and better manage their indoor air quality.

You can learn more about each by clicking on the appropriate link tab at the top of the page.
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“Very knowledgeable about mold and the different (inexpensive) remedies in treating mold and mold spores. I never knew that much about mold until now. Many thanks to Air Allergen and Mold Testing, Inc. for the great information and very detailed inspection report.”
Client - Atlanta, GA

“Very helpful, patient and explanatory.”
Robert B. - Decatur, GA